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Hey sorry for not getting back to thins sooner, I've been really busy taking summer classes at my college. Anyway, here’s the stuff for fire the hired and some other pictures.

Name: Nikki
Age: 18
Location: Long Island, NY
Sexual preference: Bisexual
In your own words (no more than 100): I'm a music and arts nerd and I would love more than anything to have a career in music or theater. I play piano, guitar, and cello in varying degrees of mediocrity and I love to sing and dance and be on stage. But, pull me off the stage and I get really shy until I know you. I really like to listen and usually I don't talk or show emotions because I'm a cancer. I love hugs, and being held, and I'm always the first to give you a hug if you look like you're having a bad day.

Hah I think that was exactly 100 words. Basically just my app. reworded.

Here are some pictures from the other night...

The night started at TGIFridays

And then we went bowling...

I'm not very good...

See all those zeros next to the N? That's me ^_^

Random picture of my nose piercing...

Not me, this is my friend Liji but it was to funny...

After bowling, we went to play some pool. I'm not very good at that either...

I'm probably saying "oops"

My bathroom is getting a facelift so it's very ugly right now. Sorry, no bathroom pics for me. Now it's off to write a speech for tomorrow and study for my finals on Wednesday.
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