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(for females: gay, bi or straight)

lesbos4hire; for the most beautiful lesbians
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This community is now under new management! Please bear with us while changes are made, but we are still open for applicants!
This community is for lesbian/bisexual/bi-curious girls, and all those who admire them! Men are no longer able to comment in this community- only stamped members can now vote and comment!
There will be regular themes, and once a month we will have our 'Fire the Hired' contest- where the members have to vote out one of their own! Members that are voted out (and applicants who have been rejected) can challenge their way back in by competing in a face-off against a member of their choice.


[1] Bold the questions, and leave the answers unbolded in your application.
[2] Post at least 3 clear pictures. More is okay.
[3] Use an LJ cut.
[4] Don't delete any comments in your application. Doing this will result in a ban.
[5] If you aren't stamped, don't comment out of your application. No voting until you are stamped! Men cannot vote- only comment.
[6] Put "Hire me" in the subject. If you don't, I'll assume you didn't read the rules.
I'll change this from time to time so keep checking back.
[7] DO NOT delete your application. This will result in a ban.
[8] If you're rejected, you can try again in a week with new pictures/application.
[9] Don't argue with the members and get all defensive/bitchy if they give you a no.
You joined this rating community, hence you have subjected yourself to be rated/criticized.
[11] Any offensive comments will result in a ban.


[1] Put your vote in the subject.
[2] You can promote other communities as long as you promote this one there.
(I'll check. If I don't see anything, I'll delete your post. If it continues, I'll ban you).
[3] Don't purposely try to cause problems, and don't be rude for no reason.
[4] BE ACTIVE! Vote and/or post new pictures regularly. From time to time I make "post here before (some date) or you'll be deleted from the member's list" posts, so keep an eye out.
If you're planning to go away for a long time, let me know.
[5] Use an LJ cut if you are posting pictures.
[6] Promote!
[7] If you give an applicant a no, I want you to tell them why. Please always base your vote 50% looks & 50% personality. The application is there for a reason.
[8] Nudity is allowed, and encouraged, as long as it's all behind an LJ cut. You must include a warning.


Post your application (except for the first picture) behind an LJ CUT.

LJ newbie? Want help?...Here is the HTML code for the LJ cut:

<lj-cut text="Application!">

Need help with photos? Simply click on RICH TEXT mode and click on the photo of the baby.

Without RICH TEXT?
Take out the stars, and you're good to go!
<*img src=PHOTO LINK HERE*>

Here are a couple good websites to upload your pictures at:
photobucket.com MOST RECOMMENDED

Erase the unbolded comments; they're just guide lines.

(Put your first picture here, before the cut. This is the picture that will be used on the members page. Please have it be no larger than 250x250. If you don't know how to resize, that's fine, I can do it.)
(Put a brief description of yourself here. No more than 100 words please. You can include any information about yourself that you want. Talk about your hobbies, favorite music, your dreams and aspirations, what you feel strongly about, what you're against, whatever. This will be used on the members page.)

[1] Name/Nickname(s):
[2] Age/Birthday:
[3] Sexuality:
[4] Location:
[5] Favorite things to do:
[6] Favorite Movies:
[7] What are your addictions?:
[8] Most prized possession? Explain why:
[9] How are you unique... physically, mentally, and personality wise?:
[10] Hottest female celebrity? Explain why:
[11] Have you ever been told you resembled someone famous? Who?:
[12] Tell us something funny:
[13] How did you find this community?:
[14] ♥ -BONUS- ♥ Where did you promote lesbos4hire, or who did you invite?:
Link us! This is optional. However, if you do it, we're more likely to vote yes.
[15] Pictures: INCLUDE ONE SALUTE! The salute must have your lj name, and 'for hire', ie "Chynafox for hire". If you have no salute, YOU WON'T BE ACCEPTED!!


Once you are accepted, post this on your info to let everyone know you were accepted at lesbos4hire!

<center><a href="http://www.livejournal.com/community/lesbos4hire"><img src="http://img2.photobucket.com/albums/v111/lesbos4hire/accepted.gif"></img></a>


Every month, one person will be voted out. Every member has a picture and description of themselves at fire_the_hired. When you give me your vote, I want you to tell me WHY you voted for that person. Everything is explained at fire_the_hired so don't worry about it. If you simply don't like someone, vote for them. I don't care. Just make sure you can back up your vote with a reason. Also, the description is there for a reason. This is about personality as well as looks.

In the event of a tie, the two people will post pictures and everyone will decide who they'd rather see go. If you are voted out, you can always reapply.

Any member who is voted out, or those whose applications were rejected, can challenge their way back in. They do this by picking another stamped member to go head-to-head with. the person with the most votes gets to stay.
You can challenge your way back in as many times as you want.

fire_the_hired -- for the pictures & descriptions.


If you want to promote in people's journals, or other communities, you can use one of these (hot linking is allowed):

and include a link and a short explanation.


Check out: lesbos4hire
It's a rating community for girls. (gay, bi, and straight)


Sister communities: exoticlesbians


chynafox (owner/moderator)